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harold69 10 months ago
Wonderful Zoey, enough said.
norm5215 10 months ago
pretty baby , whit very nice butts !!
rickmar1 10 months ago
I do not think Zoey is capable of disappointing me. She is already a major favorite. And Coniow, just make sure it isn't in your wife's mouth when you whisper to her or your next action will be to find a doctor to surgically reattach it. LOL.
coniow 10 months ago
While some girls thrash around like a landed fish (and yes, Jacqueline can be very exciting to watch!), and others howl like a banshee, Zoey is comparatively understated, but always seems to have a 'happy ending.' Much more realistic and something to come back to when you are not in the mood for hanging on for dear life! It would have been nice to have had more time to appreciate those panties before they came off: The front view allowing you to imagine the delights beneath being gently prepared for the pleasure to come with the 'unveiling.' (I think I must have been reading some of DanCan's old comments: The prose must be rubbing off LOL.)
sevensteven 10 months ago
Zoey's hip is so great.But the music in this video is so peaceful that I do not get high.In fact,this situation has existed for a couple of months.I hope the music in videos will be full of sense of rhythm and dynamic,such as music in Jenny Lee's videos and Brett Rossi's videos.
letsflirt69 10 months ago
....perfection in every way.....

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